No, I am not going on vacation yet, but many of our Hanoian fellows are ready to go. Holidays are a great time to relax and recover and it is perfectly fine become a bit lazy and laid back during that time. However, you also don’t want to be completely inactive and throw all your healthy habits completely overboard, especially not if you are planning for a longer vacation over weeks or months.

A quick vacation workout can be done at any place and without bringing any equipment with you. Please find attached a sample strength workout template that can help you getting started with your vacation training.

All exercises can be done with body-weight only. Optional you can organize a simple resistance band, which is a lightweight and will not take any space in your luggage.

You can do this workout 1-2 per week and maybe try add an additional cardio session here or there, that can be short and simple as well, a quick run along the beach, a bike ride in the mountains or a quick swim in the pool.

Also In terms of food and diet, holidays should be the time of the year you allow yourself some indulging. Also here, don’t go completely overboard with calories for a longer period of time, you will regret that once it’s time to go back to work after your holidays.

Even when traveling for a longer time and when you are limited to eat out instead of cooking yourself, there are always options that are better than others, for instance you can order chicken or fish instead of fatty pork, and try to stay away from deep fried and super oily food and an excessive amount of sugar.


Vacation Workout1

By Matthias Gruber

Being a Personal Trainer, specialized and certified in both fitness training and sport rehabilitation, my focus lies on providing support and information on exercising and nutrition.

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