Update on current requirements for gyms and personal training in Hanoi

Many people have been reaching out to get first-hand information to what degree personal training is possible at the moment in Hanoi, and with what restrictions gyms are allowed to operate at the moment.

Gyms in Hanoi had been officially allowed to re-open start of November, restricted to 50% capacity and only able to allow members to participate who have been fully vaccinated.

Not all commercial gyms have been able to re-open yet, but for example the place where I am mainly based, The Fitness Village (, has resumed operation again.

Also most residence buildings have opened their gyms already and allow their residents to bring trainers from outside in again. At all those locations, 1-on-1 personal training is not restricted at the moment, as long the rules mentioned above are considered.

To assure everyone’s safety and best health, I am monitoring the situation daily, implementing any changed requirements and recommended safety measurements.

By Matthias Gruber

Being a Personal Trainer, specialized and certified in both fitness training and sport rehabilitation, my focus lies on providing support and information on exercising and nutrition.

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