Holistic Fitness & Health

Personal training 100% tailored to you, striving for long-lasting results.

Being a Personal Trainer based in Hanoi my aspiration is to provide an individual fitness solution for every single person I am working with.

Focusing on an holistic approach this includes tailor-made workout planning and execution, supplemented by nutritional support with detailed information that is relevant especially to residents of Hanoi.

What we can achieve together

Fitness Training

Kick-start or bring your fitness to the next level. Increase your strength and muscle mass with functional resistance training or compound lifts. Improve your metabolism, burn calories and fat, stamina with challenging conditioning routines. Get familiar with health oriented fitness.

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Sport Rehabilitation

Promote recovery after an injury or from a chronic condition. Increase mobility, coordination and balance to prevent injuries in the future. Regain lost mobility or strength. Stay agile and fit to an old age.

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Build an awareness how to eat better. Learn about nutrients and calories, and that healthy food not always is low in calories. Complementing your training with the right nutrition will support reaching your fitness and health goals.

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About Me

Before a career change to become a full time fitness professional, I was working many years in hospitality management. My passion to helping people remained one of my key motivations. Now aiming to support all my clients feeling fitter, healthier and generally better.

Originally from Austria, I have been living in Hanoi for 10+ years. I obtained my certification in personal training in Germany and have been working as a personal trainer and group trainer for 9+ years. My main scope of work and international certifications are covering two main areas which are Fitness Training and Sport Rehabilitation.

Comprehensive methods

Approachable outside of sessions

Determination towards your goals

About You

Most importantly, personal training is all about YOU.

Every person is different. Experience. Health. Age. Aspiration. Considering all those factors when customizing your personal program will bring best result for you.

We usually kick-start your journey with your free consultation meeting. During this session we will take the time to discuss all the points above and more. And afterwards elaborate your goals and individual plan accordingly.


your preferred location

youR individual goals

Measure Results that are important to you

Available Types of Personal Training

The majority of my clients I support during 1-on-1 sessions in Hanoi. We usually meet for regular training sessions 1-3 times per week. Each session is approximately 1 hour long. During training sessions we will focus not only on the workout but can further address nutrition or habit coaching and review the progress of the previous week.

Those 1-on-1 video call sessions are similarly structured like in-person sessions. Additionally clients will have access to my dedicated online training app, where we can not only track your workout progress, but optionally also monitor your cardio workouts, nutrition, habit coaching and many more.

Besides regular sessions I am also offering occasional or single sessions. Those can either focus on customized workout programming, or if you aim to improve your form or knowledge about exercising. Also hybrid options with semi-regular sessions and managing of your workouts via my online training app are available.

Interested to find out more?

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Free Fitness Consultation

This introductory meeting will kick-off your fitness journey. We will be assessing your current health and fitness situation, accordingly elaborate reasonable health and fitness goals that are based on your aspiration, and in the last step develop a customized program for you individually.