Fitness Training

My main scope of work and international certifications are covering two main areas which are Fitness Training and Sport Rehabilitation. I obtained my certification in personal training in Germany and have been working as a personal trainer and group trainer for 9+ years.

I am providing Mobile Personal Training in Hanoi, usually but not exclusively based around Tay Ho and surrounding areas, delivering in-home and gym workout sessions at your preferred location. Most clients I meet for regular training sessions 1-3 times per week, but I am also offering workout planning, online personal training or hybrid options.

Personal Training

In-person or virtual 1-on-1 sessions 100% tailored to YOU.

• Strength & muscle building
• Weight loss & nutrition advice
• Mobility & flexibility training
• Functional training
• Conditioning workouts

Comprehensive Restistance Training

rehabilitation and injury prevention

holistic health & wellbeing

boosted by the right nutrition

Group Training

Arrange private groups for 2-20 participants in your preferred location.

• Interval training
• HIIT classes
• Strength & conditioning
• Choreographed barbell classes
• Choreographed bike classes

weights & cardio

mixed intensity

pump & tunes

spinning & tunes

Usually the clients I am working with in Hanoi can have very different training goals, they vary from fitness newbies to advanced levels, focusing on weight reduction or muscle grow, injury recovery or prevention, advanced conditioning training to improve body composition, or to generally be more active and feel fitter.

As personal training always aims to offer the best individual workouts and planning specifically for you and your current situation, we would start by scheduling an introductory meeting to kick-off your fitness journey into the right direction.