Just recently a new study has been released about the negative impact of texting or chatting during working out. It was shown that especially good posture and proper form are at risk and were decreased by 45%.

For many years I have been nagging people at the gym to put their mobile phones away as long they are working out. Out of experience, I know focusing on your workout will not only make your workout much more efficient, but will also help to leave behind work related stress and other things bothering you.

Good news though, the study also showed that listening to music from your phone has no negative affect to your workout. Quite the contrary, music can actually have a positive impact on the quality and efficiency of your workout.

Tip from my side, if you prefer to listen to your favorite playlist during your workout, turn off the internet on your phone and mute notifications, this will help to avoid being destructed by receiving constant messages or other updates, and you will get a much better workout out of it.







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