We are approaching the peak of this years festive season here in Hanoi. Only a couple of more days until Tet.

The days leading up to Tet always remind me on the days before Christmas back home in Europe. People have so many things to do and prepare, buying trees, hoarding food, meeting with colleagues, friends and family for year end gatherings. It just feels like everybody is constantly on the run, showing in the traffic worsening day after day and making people even more stressed.

So maybe a good moment to talk a bit about the impact workouts and stress can have on each other.

Many people would already have heard that workouts can help to RELEASE STRESS, and it is true. This works via our hormone system which directly influences our mood and well being. Exercising not only stimulates the production of endorphins, but also reduces the level of stress hormones as adrenaline or cortisol.

But unfortunately the other way around stress can also influence the quality of your workouts:

🚨 Under stress you have a higher risk for injuries, as stress increases muscle tension and slowing down recovery

🚨 Stress can negatively affect your concentration, as it is easy to get distracted thinking about other things, so try to stay focused on what you do, remind yourself to forget about your “ballast” as long you are at the gym

🚨 Also because the distraction could as well affect the quality of your workouts and progress, maybe better to go for a workout that is yet challenging but not bringing you fully to your limits

🚨 Weight loss gets harder, as stress hormones are affecting your metabolism and fat storage negatively

As conclusion, keep coming to the gym during the busy season to release some stress, during that time try to think about nothing else than your workout, and don’t worry if you can’t break your personal record that day.

🔎 One more QUICK TIP 🔎
Try to avoid the gym’s rush-hour when you already feeling stressed, waiting in line for your equipment might work contrary.






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