Do you want to stay YOUNGER for LONGER?

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My answer to that question is very simple, try to stay active and healthy throughout all your life!

For a long time there has been very little scientific based research on aging and the effect exercising has on aging processes. Only recently a study has been published, focusing for the first time on LIFELONG EXERCISING and its supposed benefits.
The study focused on a group of elderly people that had been active for most of their lives, and it was found that both their cardiovascular fitness and their skeletal muscle was still as strong as other people’s up to 30 YEARS YOUNGER than themselves.

It is commonly known that we get weaker once we age, but the interesting fact is that this loss of muscle and strength is actually a combination of 2 things, aging itself of course, but to an even bigger degree it is caused by a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of using your muscles regularly.

In your 20s your body is a super machine and can cope with almost everything. No workouts, bad eating, not enough sleep, too much alcohol … all no problem. But things start changing after 30, first slowly, so you might not realize it right away. If you carry on with the bad habits you picked up during your 20s, latest in your 40s you will start experiencing the first serious issues, chronic pain in your back or knees, overweight or lack of endurance,… just as a few.

But it does not have to be like that, the earlier fitness and healthy living becomes part of you, the less noticeable aging becomes.
Give it a try, take the first days of the new year as an impulse to get started!






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