What is the better method to support you to reach your dream weight?

fat or carbs

Actually there is no single answers to that question, loss or gain of body weight will in first place be determined by the total amount of calories you are consuming. Neither carbs nor fat are generally bad, it is just important to focus on eating healthy carbs and healthy fats.

GOOD CARBS – vegetables, fruits, beans, sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole grains and their products
Focus on carbs high in fiber with a low glycemic index (slow rise of blood sugar), and avoid pure sugar and refined (white) grain products.

GOOD FATS – unsaturated fat sources as avocado, olives, fatty fish, nuts and seeds (and their oils), also eggs and coconut oil
Reduce your intake of saturated fats as in fatty pork and fatty beef, and avoid trans fats which are high in all deep fried and baked food, processed food and margarine.

Besides that don’f forget to always add enough protein to your diet.

Let me know if you have any further questions on that or any other topics.

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