Very often I am asked about breakfast cereals, which of them I would recommend as being healthier, and where best to buy them in Hanoi.

My answer is the same as for most nutritional topics. Food that comes out of a box ready to eat and lost its natural form, usually brings a risk to be highly processed, to contain a lot of added sugar, and that it lost a fair amount of natural micronutrients and fibers. Ready made breakfast cereals as cornflakes or cheerios are no exception to that, so they should not be the preferred choice for your daily breakfast.

Another cereal option becoming more and more available in supermarkets and shops in Hanoi are packaged muesli mixes. They are definitely a healthier option compared to the above. However, also those mixes can contain a high amount of added sugar.

So my recommendation would always be to prepare your own muesli or oatmeal mix. Only then you will be able to fully control the ingredients used.

Please find attached some sample recipes, including recommended serving sizes and information about calories. I have also added where the ingredients can found in Hanoi at reasonable prices.






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