WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Have you ever tried a crash diet? How long were you able to follow it through?
And in the end, have you been able to maintain the reduced weight or did you get trapped by the common yo-yo effect and regained the lost weight or more?

So no matter if you decided it is time to get rid of some extra kilos or you just want to start living healthier, don’t try to go with a quick fix, simply because something like a quick fix leading you to a long term success does not exist.

Once you get started with your transition to a healthier live, STEP 1 would be to start looking at food in a different way and start increasingly to choose healthier food. This can be very challenging since often it is not clear at the first look what the good nutrients are and which food includes a lot of hidden sugar. In general it is always a good start to stay away from processed food and to prepare meals as much as possible by yourself, using simple and fresh ingredients.

In STEP 2 you will increase the frequency of eating clean meals up until you reach a level where at least 80% of your meals are clean & healthy food choices.

Please be mindful that for a long term success following 2 components are mandatory:

  1. Eat clean & healthy food for at least 80% or your meals, up to a maximum of 20% can be your personal allowance to indulge yourself, but you have to be strict with yourself for those 20%, best you set yourself a weekly allowance in order to not get over that number


  2. Regular exercising is key to be able to achieve and maintain your results 

And always remember, this is not and should not be a short term diet or workout plan before heading to your next beach vacation or school reunion, this whole process can be the change of your lifestyle and once you into it you will find out you will have no urge to go back to old habits anymore.

During the workout sessions with my clients I always provide nutritional guidance as well. Only once you are getting your nutrition right you will be able to achieve your fitness goals.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly any time.