Build Healty Habits

Recently I had time for a quick workout at a gym I am not affiliated with. I was resting between sets when a member of that gym approached me for a short chat.

After a few words he said: “I already had my body transformed, but after I got fat again.”

And he continued: “I still have almost 100 more sessions to go before I will be done.”

What I found out later is that this particular gym is specialized in selling quick fix transformation packages rather than helping people to change their lifestyle in the long run.

Of course when working hard it is likely to see some results in a short time, but during the whole progress often people can’t wait to get back to their old diet and routines. But that’s actually one of the biggest mistakes.

You should rather start by creating new healthy habits, small steps a time, and you will keep them with you for much longer.

This does not necessary have to mean that it must take very long time before you can see first noticeable improvements, if you are determined and stay on track with those new habits, results also here will come quickly.

Living a healthy and active life is something that will become a part of your life, something you enjoy doing, very addictive actually.






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